Empowering Buyers: A Comprehensive Guide to Informed Home Purchases and the Value of the Buyer Advisory

Buying a home is a significant life milestone, and being well-informed is paramount in making the right choice. Beyond aesthetics, there are numerous crucial factors to consider, ensuring your investment aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations. At L.A. Fisher Real Estate Investment Company, we understand the depth of these considerations and are committed to providing our clients with the tools and knowledge to make confident decisions.

1. Crime Statistics and Safety: Researching crime statistics provides insights into the safety of the neighborhood. We have links available to help you research some of the crime statistics in most areas.

2. Sex Offenders Registry: Ensuring your family’s safety is paramount. We provide links to government resources to assist buyers in checking the sex offenders registry, providing peace of mind regarding their new community.

3. Flood Zones and Insurance: Understanding flood zones and insurance options is vital, especially in flood-prone regions. We provide resources for comprehensive flood plain status information and will assist buyers in finding quality insurance agents/companies that can guide buyers through flood insurance details.

4. Swimming Pool Regulations: Compliance with local regulations is essential for pool owners. We assist buyers in understanding pool regulations and can recommend pool companies that can assist in ensuring their new property adheres to safety standards.

5. Square Footage Verification: Accurate square footage is crucial for pricing and space planning.  We can recommend a professional draft person that can measure the square footage of homes, ensuring buyers get what they pay for.

6. Septic or Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Understanding the wastewater system is vital for maintenance and environmental impact. We provide information for insights into septic systems and wastewater treatment facilities and have a list of professionals you can use to evaluate most any system.

7. Water and Well Issues: Water quality and well functionality are key concerns. We can facilitate water testing and offer professionals that can provide guidance on resolving and evaluating water-related issues.

8. Previous Fire/Flood Incidents: Previous incidents impact property value and safety. We ask that all sellers to provide as much as possible historical data on fire and flood incidents, allowing buyers to assess risks.

9. Pest and Soil Problems: Pests and soil quality influence property maintenance. We can recommend companies that can perform thorough inspections, ensuring buyers are aware of potential challenges.

10. Indoor Environmental Concerns: Indoor air quality and environmental hazards are paramount. We assist buyers in finding professionals that specialize in identifying potential concerns, allowing for informed decisions.

11. Superfund Sites: Proximity to superfund sites affects property value and health. We provide links for data on nearby superfund sites, ensuring buyers make educated choices.

12. Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs): EMF exposure can be a concern. We can provide resources to assist in addressing properties that may have EMF issues, helping buyers make health-conscious decisions.

13. School Quality: School quality is crucial for families. We provide school ratings and information, aiding families in choosing the right educational environment for their children.

At L.A. Fisher Real Estate Investment Company, we believe in empowering our clients. We equip buyers with resources on all these aspects and much more through the Buyer Advisory, as developed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate and the Arizona Association of Realtors®, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their potential property. With our expertise and dedication, buyers can confidently navigate the intricate process of purchasing a home, making informed decisions that pave the way for a secure and fulfilling future. Your dream home awaits, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

NOTE:  Utilizing all available resources is crucial when buying a home. At L.A. Fisher Real Estate Investment Company, we provide the Buyer Advisory as a foundation for your property research. It’s essential to explore the Buyer Advisory thoroughly and conduct additional research based on your specific needs, preferences and concerns.  Take initiative in your research; it’s a vital step when buying a home or property.   Please call or email us for the most recent copy of the Buyer Advisory.