Live, Work, Play Available Today!

A live, work, play community is a development concept that aims to create a self-contained and balanced environment where residents can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities all within close proximity. These communities are designed to reduce the need for extensive commuting, enhance the quality of life, and promote sustainability. They often feature a mix of residential spaces, office buildings, retail establishments, and recreational amenities.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, several live, work, play communities have emerged over the years, reflecting the region’s commitment to urban planning and lifestyle diversity:

  1. Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter: Located in Scottsdale, these adjoining lifestyle centers offer a mix of high-end apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, creating a vibrant and walkable district.
  2. Tempe Town Lake: Tempe’s downtown area around Tempe Town Lake has seen significant development, with a focus on mixed-use spaces. It’s home to numerous apartments, offices, and recreational facilities, including the scenic lake.
  3. Downtown Phoenix: The heart of the city itself is undergoing a revitalization, with a growing number of residential units, office spaces, and cultural attractions. It’s increasingly becoming a live, work, play hub.
  4. Gilbert’s Heritage District: Gilbert’s historic downtown area, known as the Heritage District, is being transformed into a lively urban center with a mix of residences, offices, dining options, and community events.
  5. Downtown Chandler: Chandler’s downtown area is another example, with its efforts to create a vibrant urban core featuring apartments, offices, and a variety of dining and entertainment choices.
  6. Scottsdale Waterfront: This upscale district along the Arizona Canal features luxury condos, upscale retail, and dining options, all within a beautiful waterfront setting.
  7. Mesa Riverview: Located in Mesa, this mixed-use development combines shopping, dining, offices, and apartments to create a convenient and dynamic community.

These live, work, play communities in the Phoenix metro area cater to a range of preferences, offering a mix of urban, suburban, and recreational amenities. They reflect the evolving urban landscape of the region and cater to individuals seeking a more integrated and convenient lifestyle.